photo: Sun Effects, Hannu Iso-Oja

photos: Sun Effects, Hannu Iso-Oja

Gorži, Helsinki Cathedral´s Chapel, Lux Helsinki Light Festival 2017

In Outi Pieski newest installation, waterfalls cascade out of the windows of the Helsinki Cathedral chapel. Gorži celebrates the start of a centenary year for the Sami people. The Sami National Day on 6 February 2017 marks a hundred years since the first Nordic Sami Congress.

The installation is inspired by an old spiritual tradition of the Sami people according to which nature is equal to man. Environmental protection and climate issues are connected to the rights of indigenous peoples; in many ways, the defence of their land and water has come to symbolise the defence of their rights. Gorži creates a poetic sight in which pure water flows freely.

Soundscape: Aake Otsala
Yoik: Hildá Länsman